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4 Magic Pro 100 Gelato Dipping Cabinet
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Dipping Cabinets

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The "Gelato Pro 10K Crea" 
gelato pro gold 10k
gelato pro 410k
Gelato Pro 10K Crea


nemox frix-air machine
Technical Specs

Rating                                    230V 50Hz
Maximum power:                     700 W
Rotation speed:                      2000 Rpm
Air pressure:                          2 bar
Cups volume:                        300 cc
Max. quantity of ingredients:   180 cc
Cups size:                            mm. 72 x 90 (h)
Machine size:                        mm. 205x335x495 (h)
Machine weight:                     Kg. 19

…. to “frix” with fantasy
mousses, sorbets, ice creams, sauces, soups ….

Frix•air is the brand new NEMOX professional appliance suitable to prepare (…or “frix”) mousses, sorbets, ice creams, sauces and soups.
Frix•air minces, mixes and blends all ingredients, either frozen or fresh, preserving the natural and rich taste of food, to get a velvety texture at the ideal tasting temperature!

…. easily and quickly ….

gelato pro 5k
Gelato Pro 5K SC

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           The "Gelato Pro 12K" - NEW!!!
gelato pro 12k
Gelato Pro 12K

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   Fantasia Buffet
    List Price: $840
 Sale Price $650

A magical idea for cold food storage! For preserving gelato, sorbet, for 2 hours or more without electricity! Perfect for the operation of a buffet or dessert cart, the Nemox "Fantasia Buffet", has 3 containers for different flavors. 

Designed with the capacity to carry 5 liters.
The pre-cooled freezer container will hold the gelato and ice cream cold as your liking. 

The Fantasia Buffet is easy to transport, a "must have" for a catering business that wants to offer gelato. Ideal for home entertaining. Can be used for other cold food products also.

Available in standard model, or the Lux version with chrome bowls

​        Gelato Pro 5K Crea

    Gelato Pro 6K Crea